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ETH² Series HASS/HALT Test Chambers

ETH² Series HASS/HALT Test Chambers

standard features

■Two diameter 100mm holeincludes two flexible silicone plugs.

■A set of height-adjustable three-axis six-degree-of freedom

(6 DoF) vibration system.

■A set of The liquid nitrogen control system and Gas- pressure

 control system.

■Residual current circuit breaker of main power supply

■Illuminating lamp, over temperature protection setting

device, emergency switch, run indicator, failure indicator,


■Fixturing Solutions to Improve Product Throughput and 

Optimize Stress. Fixturing Solutions are designed to uniformly

 distribute thermal and vibration stress.  Fixtures maintain

 lightweight rigidity to minimize thermal load without compromising 

shaker capacities.

■Fit with electrothermal condensation-proof 10-layer hollow glass

 observation windows.