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Vacuum testing machine

EATH Series Fast Temperature Cycling Chambers

High product reliability is a basic requirement for today’s competitive market and is often the only difference between the various manufactures. These chambers feature the class TESTEQ look for stainless steel with a new, modern style. The adjustable controller pod will please users of different heights. And sound levels are lower, even for air-cooled models. Faster chambers fro production and qualification level testing-Change rates up to 25℃ per minute. All models feature three levels of overheat protection.

ETH-Series Temperature&Humidity Cycling Chambers

Brief introduction

Engineered to provide the most reliable test results in the marketplace, The chambers from TESTEQ provide the temperature and humidity test capabilities you need to validate quality and reliability for increasingly sophisticated electronics and other products. The ETH Series Chambers extend our reputation for exceptional reliability and long life.

TESTEQ's ETH Series Environmental Test Chambers incorporate a wide range of application-specific compressor selections ranging from 0.8 to 8Hp and are capable of providing very rapid product temperature change rates. Faster product temperature transitions reduce test cycle.

Times and boost lab productivity. Providing conditioning in the center of the workspace where it is needed most, TESTEQ's optimized airflow system improves gradient control providing tighter uniformity, greater accuracy, and better performance on products being tested.