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Fruits & Vegetables

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Leading in cooling Vegetables & Herbs

Rapid cooling immediately after harvesting is essential to maintain high quality, freshness and shelf life. In addition, it extends the possible storage time, allowing you to increase your market reach. The high cooling speed also enables same-day delivery. (Fast) Pre-cooling with vacuum is the only really effective way to achieve high cooling speeds and homogeneity (the whole load at the same temperature).

Weber Cooling has the widest range of vacuum coolers for “Fresh”, with the shortest cooling times (thanks to “hydronic cooling”) and the best price / performance. Supported by service - worldwide.

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Benefits for Vegetables & Herbs

Once harvested, stress arises that results in respiration and perspiration of the products. Both are mainly triggered by temperature. By quickly cooling your perishable produce with our vacuum coolers, this process can be reduced by 75% or more.

  • Quality protection and maximum shelf life & storage (longer travel times possible).

  • Thorough cooling, down to the core, independent of the density of the packaging or packaging style.

  • Lower workload for your cold room, resulting in less temperature fluctuations.

  • Added value for (export) customers, thanks to the higher & more consistent quality.

  • Less waste, disapproval and claims; save money and maximize your reputation.

  • Lower energy costs, since vacuum cooling is the most energy-efficient cooling method.

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Practical examples of Vegetables & Herbs

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