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Vacuum testing machine

ETH² Series HASS/HALT Test Chambers

RTP ETH2 Series Chambers Supply Complete Temperature /Vibration Systems Suitable for HALT, HASS, and other Accelerated Stress Test. Stress Auditing Accelerated Stress Testing and Screening can reduce product development time, help get higher reliability products to market faster, and lower field failure and warranty costs. The goal of Accelerated Stress Testing is to quickly force products to fail, understand the failure modes and mechanisms, and take appropriate corrective action to optimize the design. Once the design is optimized, Accelerated Stress Screening can be implemented to optimize manufacturing processes and ship mature products with high confidence. RTP HALT & HASS chambers offer industry-leading performance levels, including ramp rates up to 90C/min and broad range vibration levels of<5to 90 GRMS. The Time Compressor table design provides unsurpassed x, y and z GRMS balance. 

System Benefits

ⅠSuperior reliability and thermal performance

ⅡQuiet operation

ⅢLow LN2 and utility usage for greater ROI

EUT Series Precision High Temperature Aging Chamber

Satisfy test standard

temperature range:(ambient temperature10+500

GB/T5170.2-2008 Temperature test equipment

GB/T2423.2-2001 Test B: high temperature test method

GJB150.3-1986 high temperature test

GB11158 technical condition of high temperature test box

UL ASTM D537493(2005) Standard Test Methods for Forced

Convection Laboratory Ovens for Evaluation of Electrical Insulation

UL ASTM D542393(2005) Standard Specification forced-Convection

Laboratory Ovens for Evaluation of Electrical Insulation 

EVT Series temperature/humidity Vibrating Test Chambers

TESTEQ combined environment test chambers, also known as Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) chambers. Provide the flexibility to adapt to your changing test requirements. The chambers, available in temperature or temperature/humidity configurations, can be integrated with a vibrating system or repetitive shock shaker. For most application , the required test conditions are defined in standards such as GJB and MIL and IEC and DIN.

TESTEQ offers a large number of standardized test systems for dynamic loads. We offer EVT and EVTH series chambers in sizes ranging from 408 to 2250 liters, two temperature ranges from -40 and -70 to +180 ℃ and Standard temperature transition rates of 5℃ per minute up to15℃ per minute are available. A variable humidity range of 20% to 95% RH is available on some models. Faster change rates can be achieved using LN2 or CO2 boost or multiple refrigeration machine sections. We can also customize them in many ways. Let us put our design experience and customization capabilities to work to meet  your individual testing needs.


EQT Series Altitude/Humidity/Temperature Test Chambers

Altitude chambers are used for automotive tests to simulate mountainous conditions and to test computers, electronics and packaging materials that may be shipped via air freight. It is especially important for defense and aerospace applications where pressure and vacuum conditions are even more intense. These chambers are TESTEQ company's most classic test chamber. TESTEQ' EQT (temperature/altitude) and EQTH (temperature/altitude/humidity) chambers are designed to allow the user to perform temperature, humidity, and altitude condition testing in one combined test chamber. 

More than one condition can be created simultaneously to satisfy many types of test requirements. 

EETS Series Temperature Shock Test Chambers

Temperature shock testing that subjects a product to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures in order to observe changes in product characteristics and failure occurrence caused by different materials and their thermal expansion coefficients. ETS Series Temperature Shock Test Chambers are able to place their product inside the product carrier and observe as the product automatically is transferred between two or three separately controlled temperature zones, Can also use Air-moved damper exchange two or three temperature area, depending on the configuration of chamber chosen. Our temperature shock test chambers realize.

TESTEQ offers" Two-box method" and " Three-box method" of temperature shock chambers capable of meeting a wide variety of testing needs. All the naturally occurring temperature is between -80 and +220 .

EWTH Series Walk-In Environmental Test Chambers

Whether your testing needs require a chamber as small as a closet or one as large as a house, TESTEQ has made them all. Walk-in chambers can be used to test extremely large products or several smaller ones. These chambers can be used for testing and controlled storage as well as a versatile laboratory environment for conducting test procedures in the telecommunications, defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive and electronics industries.

Due to the urethane panel construction, the high temperature limitation of the panel box is +85. If your testing needs requires a higher temperature range or faster Temperature rise or drop rate and high temperature and humidityTESTEQ designs and manufactures solid-weld constructed chambers. These chambers are ideal for extended temperature testing and high temperature testing applications. Whatever the situation, TESTEQ has the solution that works.