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Energy Saving Food Vacuum Fast Cooling System

Coldmax vacuum precooling system works by reducing the atmospheric pressure in a sealed vacuum chamber, forcing part of the water in the product to evaporate at low temperature.

Vacuum Cooling System for Hot Cakes

Our high-performance vacuum bread coolers are designed according to high specifications and are manufactured using leading quality components such as Bush, Bizel, Lebold, Schneider and Denver.

Energy Saving Food Vacuum Cooler

Because of its compact and efficient design, the system stands out and is developed according to existing CE instructions. For Coldmax systems, we only use components of leading manufacturers.

Vacuum Cooler for Cooked Food

Vacuum cooling technology utilizes physical laws, according to which the boiling point of water decreases with the decrease of gas pressure.

Vacuum Cooling Plant for Ready Food

As the negative pressure increases, the water begins to evaporate. Evaporation cools the product in a natural and physical way.

Hot Food Vacuum Fast Cooling Equipment

This process step simplifies the subsequent logistics chain, improves product quality, improves oven efficiency, and extends product shelf life.