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Vacuum Cooler for Vegetables

Speed and efficiency are two characteristics of vacuum cooling that cannot be surpassed in any other way, especially when cooling packaged, boxed or palletized products.

Mushroom Vacuum Cooling Machine

A refrigeration system for a vacuum cooler is used to re-condense the hot vapor containing "evaporation" from the cooled product.

Fast Vacuum Cooling Machine for Vegetable

Detail specifications:

1. Brand: COLDMAX

2. Origin: Made In China

3. Vacuum cooler HS Code: 841869

Vacuum Pre Cooling Machine for Vegetable

All leafy vegetables, mushrooms and cut flowers are suitable for vacuum cooling. Include asparagus, beans, beans, cap, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, sweet corn, chicory, onion, vanilla, cabbage, leek, lettuce, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, okra, oriental Vegetables, fresh cut flowers, etc.

6 Pallets Automatic Vacuum Cooler

Speed and efficiency are two characteristics of vacuum cooling that can not be surpassed by any other method, especially when cooling pre-packaged, canned or palletized products.

European Vacuum Cooling Machine

This machine can be customized in several aspects:

1. Color: Gray, Blue, Orange or other;

2. Door type: Sliding door / Hinged door (not suggest) / Hydraulic door

3. Condenser: Air-cooled/ water cooled/ evaporative cooling

Auto Loading Hydro Cooling Machine

◆ Vacuum chamber: Carbon steel / SUS304 stainless steel

◆ Gas: R404a, R134a

◆ Cooling Way: Air-cooled / Evaporative cooling