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EQT Series Altitude/Humidity/Temperature Test Chambers

EQT Series Altitude/Humidity/Temperature Test Chambers

1500 programmer Touch-screen controller

◆ With a brilliant 7"color touch screen display, the powerful 1500 Programmer

Controller is TESTEQ ready, making operations and data collection easier and

more reliable than ever before. Our controller has a Windows look and feel to

support familiar and robust operations. The 1500 is ethernet-compatible and

web-enabled with an Internet-ready front end for virtual anytime/anywhere

access. Multi-level, password-based security protects sensitive data. The 1500

can be easily retrofitted on-site to existing chambers.

◆Run mode :Program mode, fixed value mode

◆Program capacity :Edit: up to 20 programs, up to 50 steps per program, 20

loops can be set(Each loop step has up to 999 times of loop)

◆Display resolution :Temperature: 0.1℃; time: 0.1 minute; Humidity: 0.1RH;


◆ Communication function :RS-485 interface, which has local and remote

communication functions (it is required to fit centralized monitoring software, RS-

485/RS232 converter, it will occupy a COM port and a USB port of PC machine);

up to 16 devices can be connected, the cumulative length of cable is up to 800m.

◆ Failure alarm and reason, dispose prompt function; power failure protection

function; upper & lower limits of temperature protection function; timing function

(auto start and auto stop running), self-diagnostic function.requirements.

Standard Chamber Feature

Non-metallic thermal break around the door frame keeps

extreme temperatures in the chamber from being

transferred to the exterior.

Two diameter 100mm holes(Distributed in the right and

left sides) includes two Blind flanges. (icon4)

Fit with 6 electrothermal condensation-proof 4-layer

hollow glass observation windows (visual range W305×

305mm). (icon6)

Adjustable stainless steel shelf, with heavy-duty support

rails,holds 50 kg.

A set of magnetic coupling or magnetic fluid motors.


Residual current circuit breaker of main power supply

Illuminating lamp, over temperature protection setting

device, emergency switch, run indicator, failure indicator,


Heavy duty horizontal glide door hinges. (icon8)

Heavy duty vacuum pump with gas ballast.

Piping vibration isolator.

Oil mist eliminator.