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Shrimp Vacuum Drying Equipemnt

Shrimp Vacuum Drying Equipemnt

Vacuum Freeze dried food

Health, fresh, tasty and nutritious food are modern people’ normal and basic requirements. High-tech sometimes brings not just fast food like instant noodles. The fresh appearance and pure taste created by the freeze-drying process will not tell lies. Oil frying can make the foodstuff become crisp, but the high temperature will damage food nutrition. However, the crisp and refreshing taste bring by vacuum freeze-drying technology, which is happen in a low-temperature and low-oxygen environment are healthier and fresher.

vacuum drying equipment

Freeze-dried foods are generally packed in vacuum or nitrogen filling, protected from light, easy to carry, and can maintain the good quality of the product for a long time. Compared to traditional quick-frozen foods, freeze-dried foods eliminate the cold chain requirements in storage, transportation, and sales, thereby greatly reducing logistics and turnover costs.
Freeze-dried food can be customized according to product characteristics and user needs. Raw materials freeze-dried products generally maintain the original shape and color of the product; processed foods are made into different shapes according to the characteristics of the food; and some products are freeze-dried into crushed particles or processed for packaging, storage, or reprocessing requirements. Powder etc.


Main application fields:

  •    All kinds of vegetables and fruits

  •    Meat, beef, chicken, fish, mutton

  •    beans, condiments, coffee, tea,

  •    Chinese medicine and so on.