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Coffee Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Coffee Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Advantages of vacuum freeze drying:

  • 1. It has fast drying speed and shortens the time by 3 ~ 10 times;

  • 2. Low energy consumption, only 20% -30% of the energy consumption of ordinary dryers;

  • 3. Wide drying temperature range (both from -55 ° C to 120 ° C can be dried), and fast drying can be performed in the low temperature range (-20 ° C to 50 ° C);

  • 4. Vacuum and oxygen-free in the drying room, the quality of the drying can be close to the quality of the original ecological fresh materials;

  • 5. It can recycle organic solvents, which is beneficial to reduce production costs and environmental protection. It is especially suitable for materials containing organic solvents that cannot be dried by ordinary dryers.

  • 6. Vertical open-door structure can realize in-situ freeze-drying of materials;

vacuum freeze dryer

  • 7. The control system uses PLC as the core and uses a touch screen as the human-machine operation interface to record multiple temperature data in the freeze-drying process in real time, and can be viewed in the form of a curve.

  • 8. The shelf temperature control curve can be preset to automate the sublimation process.

  • 9. The host has a USB interface, which can upload lyophilized data to a computer in real time and implement functions such as saving, browsing, and printing.

  • 10. It can reduce the possibility of oxidative deterioration of materials, eliminate bacteria in materials, and ensure quality; at the same time, the original shape of materials can be well preserved

  • 11. The vacuum freeze dryer is a process of drying materials under low temperature and vacuum conditions, and maintains the color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrient content of the dried materials to the maximum extent, and the product is easily soluble in water and can quickly recover Long shelf life after sealed packaging.