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Vacuum Cooler for Vegetables

Vacuum Cooler for Vegetables

What are the advantages of vacuum cooling?

Speed and efficiency are two characteristics of vacuum cooling that cannot be surpassed in any other way, especially when cooling packaged, boxed or palletized products. Assuming that the product is not packaged in a sealed package, the effect of the density of the package, box or stack has little effect on the cooling time. For this reason, the tray product is usually cooled in vacuum before transport. The cooling time is approximately 25 minutes, which ensures a compact delivery schedule.


As described above, a small amount of water will be evaporated from the product, usually less than 3%. This number can be reduced by using a hydraulic vacuum device, which is available as standard equipment for our vacuum coolers. In some cases, removing a small amount of water is an advantage to further reducing the spoilage of certain types of fresh produce.


In short, vacuum cooling technology can be helpful in the following aspects:

1. Minimize production losses

2. To improve the efficiency of cleaning work

3. Minimize loss on marketing.

4. Improve consumer use

5. Expand market opportunities


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